A qualified nurse
is one of the greatest
blessings of humanity.

As such, you are our greatest contribution to our mission of providing world class patient care. That’s why we believe in investing in you. Our mission is to offer you the best work package to enable you to advance in your noble career of care giving.

The perfect opportunity for you

With our extensive network of contacts in the New York Metropolitan area, we have opportunities available in all specialties and settings and we’ll help you find the perfect one for you in terms of your qualifications, experience, goals and personality.

Support system

Above all, enjoy the ultimate in personalized care with our 24/7 support system to help meet your needs such as clinical orientation, help with State Board Certification, licensure application and smooth transitions.

401k Retirement plan

We assure your peace of mind with our excellent retirement plan

Medical/dental insurance

Receive insurance coverage with our company health plans

Highly competitive salaries

Competent Nursing offers you premium temporary and permanent positions at leading hospitals and healthcare facilities to afford you the highest salary offers.

Incentive reward programs

Cash bonuses, referral bonuses and more keep you motivated and in a pleasurable environment

Incredible vacation packages

A token of our appreciation, guaranteeing you the respite you deserve.

Flexible scheduling

You select the best career option for you —full time, part time and per diem and choice of location