Our mission is to help you maintain the highest quality of patient care

If you’re like many hospitals and healthcare facilities, you’re dealing with the multiple challenges of escalating agency costs, an ongoing nursing shortage and increased difficulty in filling supplemental staffing needs. Our dedication to providing the highest quality nursing staff and coordinated staffing services has earned us the respect and confidence of the healthcare industry. We consistently strive to refine our services and processes with innovative programs designed to meet the emerging needs of contemporary healthcare.

Continuous care

Our unparalleled client support assures your utmost satisfaction. We afford you 24 hour access to top quality nursing staff to help you keep up with the round the clock need of nursing care. Our large pool of permanent, temporary and per-diem nurses in the New York Metropolitan area are always available to be called to duty whenever your need arises.

Compatibility in care

We take the time to thoroughly analyze your facility’s particular goals, culture, standards and expectations. We then identify and rigorously screen qualified candidates, verifying their credentials and experience.

A full array of customized staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs

We deliver per diem, temporary, local, travel and permanent nurses.

Simplified hiring process with outstanding personal service.

We expertly handle each step of the hiring process, by coordinating interviews, preparing candidates for employment offers and streamlining paperwork. Our subsequent follow up ensures both employee and employer satisfaction.

Vendor management services

Through detailed reports and comprehensive records, and strategic recommendations,  we help reduce costs, streamline agency usage, and focus on improving quality.

Fantastic incentives for nurses

Our full benefits package give nurses the perks they seek when covering extra shifts.

For the best nurses to meet your long and short term staffing needs,

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